College and Career Advisement

Working with an advisor from Connected Collectives means you are working with an expert who will guide you through the entire college admissions process. Our assistance includes brainstorming majors and colleges, reviewing admission criteria and eligibility, and polishing that statement of purpose. We also help with scholarship and financial aid application assistance. Our advisors help with understanding the process and organizing the to-do’s to make your college transition experience a seamless and smooth sail! 

Career  Advisement

Career counseling is meant to help you choose or change your profession at any stage of life. A person’s profession is one of the major life decisions, and it sure is not an easy decision! Finding a speciality, discovering a talent, and learning a new skill are essentials in this ever changing career industry. A career advisor from Connected Collectives can help you unfold your potential and outline the best plan of action that suits your preferences.