Counseling Support

“Consider working with someone who looks beyond your symptoms… “

The counseling experience is facilitated by an approachable and caring therapist. Art, mindfulness, and other techniques are infused within sessions to help draw out emotions and underlying feelings and to initiate deeper conversations with clients. We enjoy working with individuals and families who dedicate time and effort to engage in counseling. Book your first session today!
The issues we grapple with in life don’t have to define us, nor do they have to be the triggers of our life story.By seeking solace through therapy, we can guide you in your journey of honoring your strengths and achieving internal reward.

Topics addressed in therapy may include: stress, anxiety, depression, grief, bullying, trauma, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and relationship management struggles.
counseling Therapy
Sara is an excellent counselor! Very attentive, warm and helps you see the bigger picture. I have known her for over ten years. She motivates you to be better, love louder, and to be bolder!.
Sanat K.